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Request a Reinvestigation of Items Still on Your Credit


Credit Bureau

Dear (Credit Bureau Name):

I have been around and around with your company regarding the errors which I have. And they continue to remain in my consumer credit report.

I am again noting that problems have been discovered and they continue to remain unresolved. I don't know how to better state my problem nor do I know how to correct the errors.

The following accounts are not mine.

Account Name & Numbers

Since you have not given me names of persons with their business addresses that you contacted for re-verification of the information, so that I could follow up as I requested, I assume that you have not been able to verify the information I have disputed.

If this problem continues and I am forced to seek some form of professional assistance, you have been forewarned of the harm which this problem is causing me.

I shall assume that 30 days constitutes a "reasonable time" to complete these actions unless you immediately notify me otherwise.

Send me an updated copy of my credit report with these items deleted.


Social Security Number